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Art is my way to know the world. Wonder is my thrust in looking for extraordinary in ordinary and Nature is the nourish of my artistic language.

Blue Note

Calendario Blue Note da parete copertina 1

Order your copy of the illustrated calendar with 12 digital portraits dedicated to the jazz artists of the origin.

Onirica Collection

Miriam Tritto Onirica Odonata ink illustration 720
Miriam Tritto Onirica Acherontia ink illustration 720 II
Miriam Tritto Onirica Apis ink illustration 720

Ideas have the thin wings of bees, wings that carry more weight than we can imagine.

Stay- Hop

By following the link below you will find more information about collectible Fine Art prints dedicated to literary authors. The prints are made using Hanhemülhe Bamboo certified paper (24 × 33 cm).

Limited edition (50 copies per subject) numbered and signed.

You will also be able to know and buy “Like an open book”: 20 imaginary interviews with 20 great authors of the past accompanied by their graphite portraits.

Text and illustrations realized by me; published by Hop Edizioni.

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