Miriam Tritto

Miriam Tritto Foto profilo 200x200 1
  • Brera Academy of Fine Arts university degree in Milan
  • Specialization at European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan
  • Philosophy and History of Art short degree at University of Studies in Milan

Art is my way to know the world. Wonder is my thrust in looking for extraordinary in ordinary and Nature is the nourish of my artistic language. In my artworks, illustrations and drawings, I often use Surrealism and Symbolism as declinations to tell the experience of the human being with its wealth of myths, symbols and meanings.

I’m interested to investigate the power of imagination, to evoke universal feelings and archetypes. I look at the history of thought, vision, image, like an amanuensis I recover memory of forms and imaginary. As spiritual attitude I try to reach light and awareness, without forget the shadows and living with them. It’s my disobbedience to the Time I’m living and it’s my way of accepting it.

In my vision, the role of art has always been to preserve memory and share messages, to reveal psychic reality and to connect us with divine and infinity; its magic is to unite people and speak to them with the authentic and simple poetry of nature. The artist is a mediator, a channeller between the “inside” and the “outside”, is a means, a bridge, a visionary and a witness.

I love Classical Era, the imagery of Medieval Art and the gothic, decadent and symbolic investigations of the Nineteenth Century I admire the masters of the italian and nordic reinassence and also flemish art; at the same time I love the excesses and the contrasts of Neapolitan and Roman Baroque art. Utopias and idealism passionate me in their ability to imagine other worlds and potentially improvement of common life. I also look with curiosity at the works of cinema, theater, photography and graphic novels which together with music and literature give me inspiration.

The traditional techniques and alchemy of materials are the vehicle I use to research my way and my poetics, in particular the chiaroscuro with ink, graphite and charcoal, pastels, water-based techniques and oil painting. I love to portray the human figure, especially faces; sometime I do a cadaver exquis operation, mixing them with objects, theriomorphic and phytomorphic elements. The representation of dreamlike images, esoteric and mystical visions also fascinates me.

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